About Blue Moon Magical Baby Jewelry

Blue Moon Magical Baby Jewelry is handmade sterling silver jewelery by Paul Kapsar. The name and products are inspired by his magical wife Kelly. Kelly was born during the blue moon - how much more magical can you get?

The jewelry pieces crafted by Paul generally take form on the bench or directly from Paul's hands with no particular plan or form in mind. Paul accepts the the inspiration and carries out the necessary steps to bring the item into it's full and best existence. 

Your item is hand crafted from Sterling Silver enhanced with various stones and shells. There are imperfections, tool marks, and occasional revisions. Attempts are made to minimize these traits but it is what makes your piece truly unique - no one else in the world has that exact item. Click here to see pictures of the many items Paul has created.  When you see something you like follow the link below to our ETSY site to purchase THAT unique item that meets your needs. Don't see it on ETSY tell us what you want.

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